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I was diagnosed with type 2 prediabetes. Watching what diabetes did to my father’s quality of life I knew I did not want this. I also did not want to take daily medicine if I could avoid it. I saw a local dietician that my doctor recommended. This dietician gave me a diabetes pamphlet and a carb counting plan that left me starving and discouraged. I remembered Amy Kennedy has started My Time Nutrition and gave Amy a call. In  one phone call Amy gather my information and put me on a realistic eating plan that didn’t starve me. She encouraged me to track my eating and add moderate exercise. Three months later I was no longer prediabetes and nine months later still no prediabetes and I lost weight. Her plan was realistic and easy to implement. Amy was encouraging and supportive as I worked to my goals and now as I maintain them. I now have my teenage son working with Amy to help him with a nutrition/eating plan to help maximize his performance in competitive swimming. Thanks Amy!   ~ From Brenda ~

When I first contacted My Time Nutrition, I had no idea what to expect. When I met Amy, I found someone who was non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and realistic. Amy developed a plan for me, taking into account my own habits, and formed a basis for new, healthier habits. From the first day, after leaving her office I felt motivated and held accountable for my weight-loss journey. I also saw that she took my weight-loss personal. My setbacks were her setbacks, just as my successes were her successes. Seven months after walking into her office I hit my first major goal, and I lost 36 lbs. I'm looking forward to my next goal to lose 25 lbs. I know with Amy's help and encouragement, I'll be motivated to get closer to where I need to be, and in doing so, obtaining an overall healthier lifestyle! ~ Damian ~

I started working with Amy when my attempts to lose weight on my own hadn't resulted in any long-term weight loss. Right away, I felt comfortable talking with Amy about my struggles with eating well, binge eating, and having time to cook the best kinds of food to facilitate losing weight. She reassured me when I needed reassurance, and gave me so much confidence in my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She provided gentle reminders when I hadn't made the best choices in meals or snacks, and offered alternatives. I have really benefited from the educational aspect of our work together - for example, explaining when I should be eating more protein in the day, or what percentage of my diet should be composed of carbohydrates based on my activity level. We have been working together for nearly five months and I'm down 25 pounds. The process has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, and I'm excited to continue our work together toward my health goals. ~ Miranda~

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