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Advertising, Flyers and FaceBook 'Oh My'

I guess when I thought the hard part of getting ready to launch a business was developing the website, I clearly had no idea all the other necessary items that would appear on my 'to-do' list. Since I'm a community based nutrition consulting company I wanted to start with a small target audience. Luckily we are the proud members of a large parish here in Kingwood so I've decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of church bulletin advertising. Please, oh please tell me you actually look at those wonderful ads before you toss the bulletin in the recycle?? What I really need is an amazing graphic artist to become my new best friend and make all my advertising dreams come true. Thankfully, my Apple computer has almost fooled me into thinking that I minored in graphic design in college. Now I can run over to the local printing store and start the ball rolling on brochures, flyers and anything else I print a logo design. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads.... my mind in going crazy. I think stocking-stuffing this Christmas is going to be very easy. My other goal with my business FaceBook page is to make FaceBook fun again!! No political references or 'share me or face the consequences' posts. Just happy, healthy food and ideas to make eating easy and nutritious.

Despite the frantic feeling of always having something to work on, I truly am enjoying the creative process. Now, if we can only get the heat in Texas to cool off so I feel like turning on my stove again. Luckily, grilling in Texas during the summer is like owning your own sauna. We can grill our lean meats and sweat at the same time!! What's a lean meat you ask?? Stick to any type of fish, chicken, turkey, shellfish, 90% lean beef or pork loin. Avoid the ribs, sausage,fried foods and regular cheese. Have you noticed how much cheese is on everything these days?? The real trick is keeping our Texas size portions closers to a deck of cards or a ladies palm. The good news about smaller portion sizes for meat and seafood is more room for all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season!! Plus with small portions you'll be able to stretch your grilled and prepared meats into two or three meals!. Nothing saves a hot kitchen like some leftovers that are ready to be reinvented.

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