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Why are fruits and vegetables so important?

Try one new vegetables or fruit per week to help increase the variety in your diet.

As October comes to a close, it's time to take a look at what we're grabbing day in and day out between meals. While Halloween candy may be a little more prevalent tomorrow on Halloween, I hope that you aren't forgetting key fruits and vegetables that can help balance an occasional sweet treat. For many people, October is a month to remember family and friends that are battling breast cancer. Did you know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month?

We've all been told that eating fruits and vegetables are recommended and needed to have a healthy diet and overall lifestyle. But what exactly are the benefits of eating them and why should we try to incorporate them as much as we can into our daily foods?


Vegetables and fruits are rich in many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C and E. These are needed by the body to have optimal health and function.

These food groups are also rich in fiber and folate, which play a major role in the prevention of many diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Disease Prevention

The nutrients found in these food groups aid in preventing many chronic diseases and health problems such as, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and high blood sugar.

Fruits and vegetables have even been linked to decreasing the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer. This is in part because of the fiber and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables that help the body get rid of toxins and waste, therefore reducing the risk of developing cancer. Finally, because these foods are nutrient dense they are able to make one feel fuller faster and for longer after eating them and reduce overeating, which in turn can reduce the risk of obesity. Did you know that losing even 5% of your current weight can reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Overall Health Benefits

Fruits and vegetables are staple foods that are vital in any healthy diet. The nutrients that they carry are necessary for healthy body functions and performance. They play an important role in preventing the development of countless diseases and can even help lower the risk of certain cancers. Check out my recipe section of to discover a new healthy recipe that you can prepare tonight!

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