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Introducing the Get Healthie app!

Self-monitoring is one of the most powerful tools to help us make lasting changes. For some clients, it's the constant feedback that really helps them to stay on track with their behavior changes. I'm thrilled to announce the partnership of My Time Nutrition and Get Healthie. The Get Healthie platform allows you to track your food and metrics which connects directly with me. Here's a quick overview of the capabilities within Healthie's platform, which you can access either on the mobile app (free for apple or android users) or on your computer.

  1. Photo food-logging: Snap a picture and you're done. I'll be able to review and comment. (I'm not looking for perfection; no pressure here!)

  2. Metrics tracking: Weigh in at home first thing in the morning and record it in the app.

  3. Message me whenever you need a safe and secure connection

  4. Schedule, re-schedule or cancel appointments on your own (and receive reminders)

  5. Forms: Complete registration paperwork and insurance information without printing and scanning tons of paper.

  6. Virtual visits: During this pandemic, I've transitioned all initial and follow-up appointments to Telehealth - a safe and effective way to communicate from the convenience of your home or workplace.

As you will quickly learn, Get Healthie is an easy and safe way to support our work together. Check out the video below for a quick overview of Get Healthie.

Interested in learning more about My Time Nutrition or Get Healthie? Email me your name and phone number and you'll be sent a link to join the Get Healthie platform. Remember, medical nutrition therapy is usually covered by your health insurance. My Time Nutrition continues to remain in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, United Healthcare and Medicare. You’ll receive your own login to connect with me over the course of our work together. The process of creating a login and creating the registration forms will take about 20 minutes. Additional questions or concerns? Please call or email me today!

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