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This past weekend I had to the opportunity to attend the AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) Conference in Houston, TX. Nothing gets me more excited about being a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist as hearing the leading experts in our nation discuss new strategies and products to help manage living with diabetes. In addition to fabulous lectures, I was able to see first hand some of the exciting new products that are transforming the food environment in our homes.

After each initial appointment with clients, I eagerly jump into helping them understand their own food environment and all the influences they face day in and day out in managing food choices and portion sizes. You've heard the saying 'Everything is bigger in Texas!', well this certainly applies to our portion sizes both in our restaurants and at home. But, how can we learn portion awareness with out washing ugly, measuring cups day in and day out?

Take a look at the wonderful line of products brought to you by LIVLIGA. Livliga®, founded in early 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, was conceived out of a personal desire to find an answer to our supersized world surrounding eating and to find a better solution beyond the ugly “diet plate.”

Did you know that the dinner plate has grown in size by 51% since the 1900s? Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Livliga Founder and CEO, recognized the need to “right‑size” the food environment and set off to develop a suite of everyday products, which included discrete portion control and subtle reminders, for a balanced diet to support a healthy lifestyle. After years of waging the war against obesity and longing to embrace a healthier lifestyle, she began researching and experimenting with the concept of “right‑sizing” the food environment and including subtle reminders for a balanced meal and portion control measurements. After losing 50 pounds in a short period of time, Sheila knew she was onto something big. The culmination of that experience and effort is Livliga—a complete, attractively designed portion control system for healthy eating.

Check out the link below and see for yourself!

Or better yet, call me today and set up your initial assessment and view the beautiful line of products in person. Start enjoying the foods you love, in a portion size that is just for you!

Pretty and practical dinnerware for the whole family.

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